Also check and see if any of them have weak allies with no

Methods: A questionnaire was sent to ambulance officers who had CPR experience through the Director and station officers in charge of the Fire Services Department in Hong Kong. Results: Analysis of 318 completed questionnaires showed that the duration of the CPR procedure could last up to 32 min. Two hundred and ninety ambulance officers had experience in delivering CPR on a bed, and 60% of them often had to climb onto the bed with their legs overhanging to perform CPR.

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Yes!! I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Imagine a Netflix producer that after making millions overnight says that he’s too stressed out to finish what he started, and this right after he made people buy what he was advertising. In the real world this would be unacceptable!! Or imagine to have any job and tell your boss that you can’t finish something because you’re overwhelmed.

I wanted to put my baby in the daycare at my school so I could pop in and breastfeed him throughout the day but thankfully I didn’t. In hindsight, having him near would have distracted me and stressed me tf out. I go to school from 4:30a 4:30p. I not some snowflake looking for reasons to shriek about SJW issues. I pretty freaking conservative. However, I know how people in large groups act, and I think it important to push back against any growth of racial stereotypes so we can grow as humans and not repeat the horrors of the past.

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I only have around 200 miles on it, but so far it been great, no peeling whatsoever. The tie outs take some time to cure but other than that it not too bad. I cut the circles into quarters and halves and brushed on the seam grip before placing them on the main body.

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