Commander Jim Lovell and Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise had

Everything was going well, and in fact the crew was ahead of the timeline. Commander Jim Lovell and Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise had entered the Aquarius Lunar Module 3 hours earlier than the flight plan had scheduled, wanting to check out the pressure in the helium tank which had given some erroneous readings in ground tests before the launch. Everything checked out OK..

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steriods SpaceX is really kicking things into high gear with its Starlink network. The creation of this satellite constellation is central to Elon Musk vision of providing high bandwidth internet access to a global market. Deployment began in earnest back in May with the launch of the first sixty Starlink satellites, with plans to launch an additional 1,584 by 2024 and 2,200 by 2027 steriods.

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