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“More than 30 years ago, MHTA’s founding members came together around three principles: build support for Minnesota’s science and technology institutions, enrich relationships between industry and education to understand future workforce demands, and develop a strategy for science, engineering and technology education,” said CEO Margaret Anderson Kelliher of MHTA. “The Tekne awards are a celebration of these principles, and these 13 recipients highlight the advancements of science and technology right here in our community.” Perkins+Will (building design and infrastructure), an architecture practice founded on the belief that design has the power to transform lives and communities. Arcserve (cyber security) develops data protection and availability solutions that deliver enterprise power with small team simplicity, focusing on comprehensive backup and recovery across all environments under one pane of glass..

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Many have said the skill jump from C1/C2 to GC is about equal to G3/P1 to C1. To give you some perspective. Hitting a ball as hard as you can in any direction is almost never the best option anymore, even on defense. The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission: left to right, facing camera: crime victims’ representative Abby Honold; St. Paul Police Sgt. Salim Omari; former Supreme Court Justice Christopher Dietzen; Washington County Attorney Pete Orput; and Court of Appeals Judge Michelle Larkin.

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