I would have thought with his body of work that he would be

Completely agree with this. I had leaders I would lay down covering fire for, and leaders I charge a position for. I had leaders that had better guys below them, meaning we be more combat effective with the next guy up. Since he is a junior I would have expected him to declare for the draft but haven found any news about it. I also checked out mocks and found that he is going in the later rounds to undrafted. I would have thought with his body of work that he would be ranked higher..

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The only way it can be considered violent is if you consider the historical context. Only problem is allahu akbar has the same negative historical context with it. I just super confused what stance you trying to take because it seems like you just personally biased against Deus Vult and I haven heard any reasonable argument against it in the game compared to other used phrases.

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