This catapulted Poss into the consolation finals match against

Riley Jepson had two hits, with Lance Martin, Coulter and Bryant Jameus also stroking hits. Kamloops opened with an 11 6 victory over the Spruce Grove White Sox. Coulter was MVP, with a three run double and a single. The same goes for Purdue, which fell out from No. 18 after a 1 2 showing at Atlantis. The Boilermakers got their offense rolling again in their rout of Arizona to salvage a win in the Bahamas, and next host Louisville in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Tuesday before opening Big Ten play Friday at Maryland..

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Cheap jordans This match was much tighter than the first encounter with Garcia as Poss used two takedowns and a reversal against Garcia’s two escapes and a reversal to win a hard earned 6 4 victory. This catapulted Poss into the consolation finals match against Brian Rodriquez cheap jordans online, Poss’s fourth opponent from Platte Valley. Following a scoreless first period, Poss rode Rodriquez the entire second frame. Cheap jordans

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