TicketIQ founder Jesse Lawrence said demand is also up because

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cheap jerseys While addressing the PA during the question hour related to Primary and Secondary Healthcare, the Speaker stated that the health sector suffered the most under Shahbaz Sharif rule. He added that it was PML Q which had the credit of combating dengue in its tenure.Expressing dissatisfaction over the figures of death caused by dengue, the Speaker stated that the information provided in this regard wasn true and called for the constituting of committee to come up with facts regarding the loss caused by dengue. The PA Speaker also expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the present government in handling the dengue crisis and stated that most deaths due to this disease were caused in Rawalpindi but the deputy commissioner of Lahore was changed.Pervaiz Elahi stated that proper fumigation wasn done in towns and villages nor proper measures were taken to handle the crisis.Dr Yasmin Rashid, health minister, on the occasion, told the House that total 37 deaths were caused by dengue in Punjab till the receiving of the question and also added that the government had followed the protocol to combat dengue cheap jerseys.

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