Hapag Lloyd anchor shareholders and UASC shareholders still

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cheap moncler outlet A company logo of German Hapag Lloyd is pictured at its head office in Hamburg December 6, 2013. REUTERS/Morris Mac MatzenHapag Lloyd said its supervisory board had approved the deal, which would see it take all shares in Kuwait based UASC, majority held by the government of Qatar. Hapag Lloyd anchor shareholders and UASC shareholders still need to give consent.An extraordinary general meeting of UASC will be held moncler outlet prices in Dubai moncler sale on June 29, Hapag Lloyd said in a statement.Hapag Lloyd shares were up by 3.4 percent at 18 euros at 1455 GMT, easing from an earlier high of 19.2 euros.Container shipping has seen a wave a mergers moncler online store and acquisitions, particularly in Asia, as companies try to grab a bigger share of a depressed market. cheap moncler outlet

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