Brick Work

Brick work opens up endless possibilities in your garden. From walls as a feature or for privacy, to steps or slopes, bricks can be used to add interest, contrast and make stunning, outstanding features to fit any design.

From the type of brick to the colour of the mortar, the choice of styles available is wide and making the right choice can be difficult. The fabric of the house, theme of the garden or even other materials featured in the garden can all be deciding factors. As part of our free design consultation our experts can advise on what will best suit your personal needs and budget.

Whether it’s to make a formal focal point or create added levels of interest, bricks offer a durable option which will require very little long term maintenance. Coastal Landscapes will create beautiful, high quality brick work, built by our talented professionals and with full satisfaction guaranteed.

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Patio and brickwork steps

Location: Description: A new patio area was layed to create a usable feature area at the bottom of this garden. The shed was raised up on the patio to allow greater airflow underneath to prolong the life of the wooden structure. Customer Comments: