So almost the refusal of opioids precipitated everything else

Canada Goose online A Researcher Takes Lessons From Cancer To Develop New Pain Treatment Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale The explosion of deaths related to opioid misuse has underscored a pressing need for better ways of treating pain, especially chronic pain. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance Duquesne University pharmacology associate professor Jelena Janjic thinks canada goose outlet price she’s on to one. It involves using a patient’s own immune system to deliver non opioid pain medication to places in the body where there’s pain. canada goose clearance

Janjic’s idea, which draws from the field of cancer research, is to insert tiny canada goose outlet in canada amounts of over the counter pain medications into minute carriers called nanoparticles, canada goose outlet buffalo and then inject these into canada goose kensington parka uk pain patients. The medicines would then travel through the body to places where there is inflammation, and relieve the pain.

Canada Goose Outlet Janjic has a special reason for wanting to develop new medicines for chronic canada goose outlet sale pain: canada goose outlet uk sale She suffers from it herself. Canada Goose Outlet

“As a patient, I want an answer,” she says. “I want to figure out this.”

canada goose coats on sale There’s no question that the need for better, non addictive medications is real and urgent. Researchers have come up with some canada goose factory outlet toronto location ideas, but so canada goose outlet location far none has made canada goose outlet toronto address it to market. Finding new treatments is difficult for any disease and it’s canada goose outlet new york city proving especially difficult for chronic pain because the underlying causes are poorly understood. canada goose coats on sale

Janjic’s path to this research began in 2010. She has a doctorate in medicinal chemistry, and she had canada goose outlet factory recently moved to Duquesne University where she canada goose premium outlet had set up a lab focused on using nanomedicine techniques to treat cancer.

What seemed like out of nowhere, of the blue, she started to suffer bouts of severe pain.

“The one that hit me real hard was the whole body, from head to toe,” she says. “I’ve canada goose outlet las vegas had on and off chronic pain since I was goose outlet canada a teenager, but this was different.”

canada goose deals In August that year, just before her students arrived back to school, she ended up in the emergency room with pain that was almost intolerable. canada goose deals

The doctors’ diagnosis was discouraging. They told her she had a chronic pain syndrome. They said there wasn’t much they could do canada goose uk site about it, and they said it was for life.

The medicines they gave her helped with the pain somewhat, but left her feeling like she was canada goose outlet black friday living in a fog. She was having trouble remembering things, trouble taking notes.

buy canada goose jacket “Things were weird. So I decided I am going to do research on myself,” Janjic says. buy canada goose jacket

To control her own pain, she turned to mindfulness meditation and other non medical interventions, including composing music and playing the piano. It’s not as if the pain magically went away, she says, but she was able to carry on with her life. Some days were worse than others.

But she also wanted to find a medical solution.

buy canada goose jacket cheap She made one important treatment decision early on: She didn’t want to take opioids for her pain. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets “At the time I could have got them very easily,” Janjic says. “I said, ‘What are you going to give me when I’m canada goose outlet real 67, or 87, if I take them now?’ I knew they canada goose outlet ontario don’t work long term very well. So almost the refusal of opioids precipitated everything else that happened.” Canada canada goose outlet Goose Jackets

Looking for alternatives to opioids, she dove into the scientific literature, to learn all canada goose outlet winnipeg address she could about chronic pain.

canada goose coats Chronic pain syndromes are not well understood. With acute pain, it’s usually possible to identify the cause an injury of some sort, or inflammation caused by an infection. Chronic pain may be linked to an initial mishap, but may persist long after the initial cause of the pain has disappeared. Sometimes canada goose outlet miami there’s no good explanation of the pain at all, a frustrating circumstance for both doctor and patients. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose In addition to her research, Janjic started paying close attention to her own condition. cheap Canada Goose

“I started to understand that my body was actually inflamed,” she says.

canada goose Inflammation occurs when our bodies’ immune system tries to deal with some damage, maybe from an invading virus or bacteria, and sends a barrage of immune cells to the affected area. On the one hand this is a good canada goose outlet store uk thing, since the cells fight the infection. But on the other, it can stimulate nerve cells in a particular part of the body, causing pain. canada goose

Janjic also noticed something important about her pain: it varied both in intensity and in location. Sometimes it was in her knees, sometimes in her shoulders.

She says none of the medicines available today responded to pain’s “diversity within the body.”

“I [started] to understand the fluctuation,” she says.

Canada Goose Parka She realized that the fluctuation meant more immune cells were going to the canada goose parka outlet uk part of the body where the pain was. She figured if she could get pain medicine into immune cells, that medicine would ride with those cells to where it was needed. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance sale Before she got into pain research, Janjic was working on something called cancer nanomedicine. Cancer nanomedicines work by putting anti cancer drugs into tiny containers called nanoparticles, and then injecting them into cancer patients, where they enter the patients’ immune cells. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale “So what did I already know how to do? Mess with the immune system with nanomedicines,” Janjic says. “And that’s how the idea of pain nanomedicine was born.” canada goose black friday sale

After many years of tinkering, she’s started to get positive results. In a recently published study, she showed that when researchers put a nonsteroidal, anti inflammatory drug into a nanoparticle, and then injected that into a rat, it reduced the rat’s pain.

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